Our Founder

For the past decades, you’ve seen him on TV, billboards, and listened to his radio spiel hyping the now famous slogan, “Why buy new when slightly used will do… Except when deals are this good.” Well, he’s back in action again… Welcome aboard and buckle up for the ride!

One of Minneapolis’ Finest Entrepreneurs

Dick Enrico is a well-known retail entrepreneur from Minneapolis who introduced a wild card, underfunded start-up back in 1992 called 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment.  His young company’s idea was to acquire unwanted slightly used pre-owned fitness gear from dissatisfied consumers; these castoffs affectionately qualified as dust collectors, door stops, and a tad more flattering than colorful towel racks from their disgruntled sellers.

The Success of a Startup

His vision of his speculative venture—absent of any new merchandise—was to “recycle” these slightly used goods by offering short-term rentals and discounted sale prices to a new group of value-hungry fitness equipment buyers. Fast forward, Dick’s creative concept evolved into the largest specialty fitness retailer in the country resulting in over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in cumulative sales.

Recently, 2nd Wind was sold to its largest vendor, Johnson Health Tech, whose intent is to continue a nationwide expansion program for the business.

Dick’s Back!

Absent of “retirement,” Dick’s now back with a new and exciting gig.  His insatiable appetite for action has prompted another encore retail venture. No surprise, this establishment will utilize the same approach as in the past, just with a highly competitive consumer product, patio furniture.

Under the clever “umbrella” name of 2nd Shade, he’ll be providing new and used patio furniture along with innovative outdoor living solutions. How, you might ask, will Dick’s new curtain call company differ from the other guys? No comparison, big time variation. In today’s competitive retail environment, most reliable merchants will offer a similar collection of goods reflecting comparable values, as will 2nd Shade.

Dick Enrico

2nd Shade’s Unique Differences


Trade-ins Welcome

We'll out right purchase or trade for your used patio furniture.



Repair, refurbishing, including powder coating options.


Feature Products

Tremendous selection of premier named brand manufacturers.


Event Rentals

Flexible short and/or long-term rental programs available.



Seasonal storage, an affordable solution for “patio pollution.”